Georgia Tech Grad Classes

Here I list the courses I've taken over the past few years and a few comments on each for other prospective students. Most of them had final projects so those are linked. The courses I've chosen generally fall under controls or signal processing. There are about 6-8 additional courses I would like to take if I was going to stay in school.


ECE 6550: Linear Systems and Controls

  • Linear algebra heavy
  • Proof heavy
  • No final project
  • Decent Matlab exercises
  • Recommend for any interested in controls

ME 6105: Modeling and Simulation in Design

ECE 6552: Nonlinear Systems and Control

  • More interesting math than 6550
  • Proof heavy
  • No final project
  • Good homeworks and good Matlab assignments

ECE 6272: Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing

ECE 6254: Statistical Machine Learning

  • Extremely stats heavy as the title suggests
  • Notation is critical to understand
  • Professor's first time teaching the class
  • Excellent Python exercises
  • Good final project

ECE 6255: Digital Processing of Speech Signals

ECE 6554: Adaptive Control

  • Very interesting material
  • Applicable homework assignments
  • Lectures could be all over the place
  • Good final project
  • Reccomend for everyone


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